Wintering on Curacao for 3 months, all the tips you need for a pleasant stay

It is spring, spring is in full swing and we have been back in the Netherlands for a while now. It’s nice that everything is open here now and that all measures have been lifted (for the time being) and that we can enjoy all the freedom of the pre-Corona era again. I think everyone was also ready for it. Two years ago our world was turned upside down when Covid-19 entered our lives.

Within 2 weeks Vincent lost 70% of all his customers. It was an uncertain time, for us as well, but it did bring us a lot in the end. The Netherlands became too small and Vincent decided to go international with his websites and to focus on that for the coming years.

A good move, because it gave us another dot on the horizon on which we could focus so that we became less dependent. The stifling measures of the Netherlands and the school closures “forced” us to travel to Curacao for 3 months in early 2020. From here Vincent could further develop his international websites and more importantly, our daughters could just go to daycare, while in the Netherlands everything was locked up. We even made it to the Dutch newspapers (Tubantia and AD) and it was the “start” of our new (working) life.

Freedom rejoicing on Curaçao

Before we had children, Vincent and I often stayed abroad for longer periods of time. The Dutch Telegraph interviewed us at the time and even devoted an article to it in the travel section of their newspaper. We would have loved to continue our digital nomad life, because it was a great time when I, as a travel blogger for my website, was invited to write about the most fantastic places. With the arrival of our oldest daughter Sofie, however, everything suddenly changed and peace and regularity became our new lifestyle 😉

Sofie, now 4 years

When we decided in early 2020 to go to Curacao with them for 3 months, it was extra special because now we were going to do that with our 2 daughters. Emma the youngest was 1 year old and we thought it was a great adventure to take on, not knowing how long Corona would hold the world in his “grip”. It was a good move, because it was the best time ever. In Curaçao we experienced ultimate freedom, the children had a great time at the day care (while in the Netherlands everything was closed) and both Vincent and I got new inspiration for our work.

My dear Emma, now 2 years

When in 2021 it became clear that Corona would not disappear from our lives for the foreseeable future and the first signs were appearing that the Netherlands would be going into lockdown again in the winter, and that early school closures were again on the horizon, we decided to make plans to spend the winter in Curaçao again, so that we could continue to do our work from there and the children could go to school so that we would not be hindered in our freedom.

Me and my girls

This time it was just harder to arrange something, because all of Curaçao was pretty much booked up and all the airplanes were full as well. It seemed like everyone was going that way. During our first trip, Schiphol Aiport was almost empty, but not anymore and it was still a big job to arrange something to stay for a long time in Curacao, but here I give you all my tips for a workaction in Curacao.

Happy Girls 🙂

The first 2 months we stayed at resort Lucinda, a small resort with 8 cute bungalows and not far away from the beach of Jan Thiel. The place where we met every Friday afternoon at Zest with all our friends for the weekly Friday afternoon drinks.

For the last month we stayed in a fantastic new apartment from N-Joy Residence in our beloved neighborhood of Brakkeput Abou, less than 5 minutes drive from Jan Thiel. I had rented the top floor apartment overlooking Table Mountain and it was the icing on the cake of our stay in Curaçao.

View from N-Joy Residence

Our (upstairs) apartment N-Joy Residence

From day 1 we felt at home. The apartments of N-Joy Residence are brand new and fully equipped. We noticed that we like luxury and comfort and these apartments just give you the feeling of coming home. Very nice if you stay here for a long time.

The best part is waking up with the sun rising. Every morning I started the day with a cup of coffee on our spacious balcony. There is always a nice breeze and an additional advantage if you are well located on the wind that you never suffer from mosquitoes.

Sitting area, lovely on the wind

Always fun

Workaction mood

Living Room

Kitchen with a view

Kids Bedroom


Emma in the sink 🙂

Our bedroom

The men will take care of the BBQ 😉

Swimmingpool with Palapa

Joyce and Niels manage N-Joy Residence and are always ready to help you have an unforgettable time. If you are interested in renting for a longer period of time like we were, they can arrange a special monthly price (on request) with you depending on the period. I can highly recommend it, because we still look back on a fantastic time in Curacao.

Joyce and Niels manage N-Joy Residence and are always ready to help you have an unforgettable time. Check their website here for availability and if you are interested in renting for a longer period of time like we were, they can arrange a special monthly price (on request) with you depending on the period. I can highly recommend it, because we still look back on a fantastic time in Curacao.

Swimming every day

What will a stay on Curacao cost


Curaçao is not cheap, especially groceries are very expensive. For fresh fruits and vegetables you pay a relatively high price. A bunch of big grapes easily costs (don’t panic) Euro 12, so you really have to pay attention to what you buy. On the other hand, you adjust a bit and then you can at least take into account.

I think I spent at least Euro 1,000 per month on groceries alone. On Curaçao you can even find a large AH XL supermarket, also known on the island as “Van den Tweel” at Zeelandia. Here you will find all the products you are used to at home, just not for the same price 😉

Car rental

In addition, we rented a car, a Jeep Compass for almost €65 per day, but again you can ask for a special monthly price. We rented a Nissan Versa for €44 per day for the first 2 weeks and we were also very happy with it, moreover, the Nissan Versa or Centra has a very deep trunk, which can hold relatively many suitcases.

I can highly recommend car rental company Economic because even when there was no rental car available on the whole island, Jeanette (owner) always managed to arrange something for me 🙂

Ukkie Puk

Child Care

Both trips we took our daughters to daycare and after school care so we could focus on our work. I always recommend you check first out a few locations by yourself and then see what feels right.  After a trial period of a few days your child can start immediately. In Curacao it all goes very smoothly without waiting lists, Corona “cough policy” and you just pay the month in cash in advance.

We paid €513 for our two daughters for 5 days a week, of which Wednesday and Friday were half days, for the whole month. That is much cheaper than in the Netherlands and the children also get a warm meal every day at noon and all kinds of activities such as music lessons, tennis lessons and or gymnastics.

If your child is older and has to go to school, you can choose for Klein College (private school). There you pay €465 per child per month, but you can also choose a local or mainstream (primary) school which are also good.

Swim lessons at Lions Dive

Swimming lesson

I add this heading for when you have children around 4 years who still need swimming lessons. Where in the Netherlands there are very long waiting lists for your children to do swimming lessons, Sofie could start immediately for 2 times a week. At the Swim Factory you pay € 45 per month. Sofie was literally thrown in at the deep at the 50 meter pool of Lions Dive, but she really enjoyed it. And as a parent you can just sit next to the pool and watch in the sun 😉

Dining and Wining

When you’re on Curaçao you live outside, day in and day out, almost 24 hours a day, and that means you often eat and drink outside. You can make it as expensive as you want, but you can’t avoid eating out and/or being seduced by a nice drink on the beach. On Fridays, it was always a fixed date for the weekly Friday afternoon drink on the beach of Jan Thiel at Zest. I share with you below our favorite spots where we liked to come. See also my video stories under the highlight laps on my IG account:

  • Mambo Beach

Favorite kid-friendly beach at Mambo beach, this is where we really went every weekend. Bonita Beach Bar was our regular spot, overlooking the playground. Mom and Dad enjoyed a drink while the girls played with other children. Afterwards we always took a dip in the crystal clear blue water and swam towards the rocks. Just perfect for families with small children because the beach slopes gently and there are no high waves.

Mambo Beach, Bonita Beach Bar

At Cabana Beach, right next to Moods we were flexing almost every afternoon. They have delicious ice coffees there by the way, my favorite!

Cabana, Mambo Beach

  • Jan Thiel Beach

Jan Thiel is perhaps the most famous place on Curacao and not without reason, because it is always fun there! From N-Joy residence it is only a 5 minute drive and we came there a few times a week. We always started with a mini walk from Koko’s, then along the water over the bridge towards Zanzibar (good pizza’s) to end up at Zest for the weekly Friday afternoon drink.

During the week we always ended at Papagayo where the kids made a last dive before the sun went completely down. A magical moment that never bored and that we have fond memories of.

Zest, Jan Thiel Beach


Happy Family ♡

Sunset @Papagayo, Jan Thiel Beach

Zest, Jan Thiel Beach

  • Kokomo Beach

A half hour drive from Willemstad just above Blue Bay you will find Kokomo Beach. Much less touristy than Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel, and very relaxed. There is a bit of an Ibiza atmosphere I think. I love that relaxed vibe and the variety, because you see more of the island. The beach slopes gently into the sea and you can drink delicious fresh coconuts. Definitely a must if you want to discover a different beach for a relaxing day out.

Pelican @Kokomo Beach

Fresth Coconut

  • Restaurant Nultwintig

A very good restaurant with a delicous menu is restaurant Nultintig located on the Caribbean Sea. You can have a nice lunch, a drink by the pool or a full dinner in the evening. Make sure to book early because it is a popular place for gourmets.

Restaurant Nultwintig

Date lunch @Nultwintig

  • Brisa do Mar, Pop’s Place

A nice alternative and very different is Brisa do Mar, Pop’s Place. A super cozy waterfront restaurant where many locals come and where occasionally live music is played. Nice and casual where you can also take your children too. If you like fish then you should keep in mind that fish on Curaçao is usually fried. Do you prefer it fresh, then you can also pick your own lobster.

Brisa do Mar, Pop’s Place

Directly on the left next to Pop’s Place you will find nice Palapas with wooden tables where you can have your own picnic. Very popular with the locals and always full on the weekends when the locals gather there to BBQ and dance to Caribbean music. Very cozy and fun to see and a change from the tourist hotspots. During the week it is quieter and there is always room for a drink or to get together with friends

With our sweet friends under the Palapa

  • Most beautiful beaches of Curacao

Curacao has many different beaches and the most beautiful beaches are located in West Point. So a visit to Playa Porto Marie is definitely worth it, but also Cas Abou, one of the most beautiful and my favorite Grote Knip because you can enjoy sheltering under trees against the warm sun, because yes it is always tropical hot in Curacao 🙂

Cas Abou, one of the most beautiful beaches

Grote Knip, my favorite

  • Social life

On Curaçao you never feel alone and from day one you meet inspiring and fun people who, like us, live and work internationally, but also many like-minded people and other entrepreneurs. Super fun of course, because you make contact very easily and quickly. Additional advantage, many social get-togethers and weekly BBQs at home.

BBQing Together

In addition, I think the international aspect is super important for the development of our children. I always say that it is my wish for the children, that they may grow up internationally and that they may learn different languages and from other cultures. I hope that in the coming years we can lay a foundation for their future so that they will later feel at home anywhere in the world.

Time to say goodbye @N-Joy Residence

Curaçao how beautiful you were!

If you have any questions as a result of this blog or if you would like to know more about a longer stay to Curaçao, feel free to email me. You can also read more information and inspiration in my other blogs under the heading My Travels Curaçao.

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