Family holiday Dominican Republic with young kids

Years ago when I flew around the world as a flight attendant, the Dominican Republic was one of mine favourite destinations. It all started when we landed at Punta Cana airport. As a passenger you get off the plane and within 5 minutes you walk into the half-open airport, complete with a gabled roof with reed while a cool breeze is blowing through it. The Dominican people are very nice and super relaxed and you are immediately in the holiday mood. Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

I’ve always said I want to come back, only then with my family. My dear friend Linda preceded me by travelling to the Dominican Republic for two weeks this summer together with her husband and three young children. In the end it turned out to be a holiday to remember and when you read her travelogue and see the pictures, I can understand that she got homesick when she came home from this tropical and beautiful island in the Caribbean.

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