Day trip to Klein Curacao with the Serendipity yacht

If you are going to Curaçao on vacation or like me staying on the island for a longer period of time then a day trip to Klein (Little) Curaçao should absolutely not be missed. Klein Curaçao is a small uninhabited island of about 1.7 m² off the coast of Curaçao. It is less than an hour by boat and highly recommended if you want to book a super fun day trip where you will be completely taken care of by Miss Ann boat Trips.

Besides being a special little island with history, it has a beautiful long sandy beach on one side and a wild rugged rocky coast on the other. Here you will also find a huge shipwreck, an oil tanker that ran aground in the 1980s. I went with a bunch of friends for a whole day with the crew of the Serendipity yacht and we had a super nice day that I can really recommend to anyone. Check out the photos below and if you have any questions let me know!

Klein (Little) Curaçao

What makes Klein Curaçao so special?

From the air, Klein Curaçao does not seem so special, but it is mainly the experience with the boat trip to it, the super relaxed day with good food and drinks, and the ultimate tranquility that you experience there.

All this makes a trip to Klein Curacao unforgettable and if you then also experience a super cozy day with your friends then your day can’t go wrong.

On the island itself you will find an old lighthouse, some fishing huts, an impressive shipwreck and a fantastic white sand beach, perhaps the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean. You can also dive and snorkel (included in the trip) and with a little luck you can spot turtles.

Arrival Klein Curaçao

Day trip with Miss Ann Boat trips

There are several boat companies that offer a day trip to Klein Curaçao, since I had heard very good stories about Miss Ann plus the fact that they sail with a super fast Serendipity yacht in 1 hour to Klein Curaçao I booked with them.

Together with a group of friends we boarded early in the morning at the port of Santa Barbara. Tip from me, take a travel pill for the outward journey in advance, because the trip to Klein Curacao can sometimes be rather bumpy, but with a pill in your pocket you have nothing to worry about.

Drop-off with the dinghy

Arrived ashore

Chilling out at Beach House Miss Ann

Upon arrival at Klein Curacao everyone first chilled out in the hammock or at the private Beach House of Miss Ann Boat trips. While I was relaxing in the hammock the crew prepared a delicious breakfast for us. How relaxing is that!

In the afternoon they also served an excellent BBQ lunch which was very extensive with delicious meat from the grill, homemade salads and fresh fruit. Throughout the day you also got free drinks and depending on what you booked also alcoholic drinks.

What I found so relaxing is that you didn’t have to do anything and that you could make your own plan. There was a very relaxed atmosphere and I don’t know if it was because of the island or the super nice crew of Miss Ann Boat trips, but the whole day there was a super nice relaxed vibe which I personally liked very much!

Chill out first

Beach House Miss Ann

Lighthouse Klein Curacao

Klein Curaçao has a whole history of lighthouses. In the 19th century the first lighthouse was built on the island, but a few years later it was destroyed by a hurricane.

In 1913 it was rebuilt and the decay of it resulted in the ruin that stands there now, which makes it very special to visit it because you can go all the way up into the restored tower from which you have a fantastic view at 20 meters height.

20 meter high tower

View Lighthouse

Here we go again…

On the way to the Oil Tanker

Shipwreck Maria Bianca Guidesman

Perhaps the most famous sightseeing on Klein Curaçao, the shipwreck the Maria Bianca Guidesman stranded here in the 1980s.

Because of the northeast wind and enormously strong currents that occur around the island, several ships have already run ashore, but this rusty oil tanker has been given her final resting place here on the island and that makes a great spot for beautiful pictures. My mother said afterwards when she saw the pictures that it reminded her of Kevin Costner’s movie Waterworld.

“I Feel the Breeze”

Oil Tanker “Maria Bianca Guidesman”

“Happy Island”

Shipwreck Tchao, French sailing yacht

On April 1, 2007, the last and most recent shipwreck was ran ashore. It is a French sailing yacht named ‘Tchao’. Fortunately, no one on board was injured and the four people on board were able to get to shore safely, but unfortunately the ship could not be saved.

The shipwrecks do now form a beautiful sight on the island and a special object to photograph.  Take some time to watch the sea breaking its waves on the rocky coastline.

French Sailing yacht Tchao

White sand beach Klein Curacao

The most beautiful thing we save for last and that is the beautiful white sandy beach of Klein Curacao. Without exaggerating, it is so incredibly beautiful here!

On Curaçao itself you do not have such long sandy beaches and if you find a beach you have to share it with many others, but here on Klein Curaçao you feel like you have it all to yourself 🙂

I am a real beach girl and have a weakness for beautiful beaches, and this one is definitely in my top 10! Be sure to take a look and judge for yourself. Would you want to walk here too?

Original Palapas on the Beach

Azure blue sea


On the way home

The day with Miss Ann really flew by! We even left half an hour later, because we just couldn’t say goodbye to this beautiful island.

The trip back was really super relaxing and together with my girlfriend we sat on the foredeck enjoying the late afternoon sun. In the meantime, the crew went around everyone and treated us to fresh watermelon and a drink.

The best compliment I got afterwards when we came home from my friends, that everyone had enjoyed it so much and that everything was so well organized, but all credits go to the organization of Miss Ann Boat Trips.

Take a look at their website yourself and let me know if you will be going that way again. Very curious how you will experience it!

With my girlfriend Anita on the boat

Have you already booked a trip to Curacao or are you planning to visit this beautiful island this summer check out my other travel reports about Curacao here with the best hotel tips, child-friendly accommodations and all the fun sights (long term stay in Curacao) what this island has to offer and let me know what you think, because I would really like that.

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