The most beautiful beaches of Curaçao and where to stay

Most people who go on holiday to Curaçao usually book a stay at Mambo Beach or at Jan Thiel Beach. The hotspot spots of the island, but did you know that the beaches on the West coast are also one of the most beautiful of the island? If you like unspoilt nature, white sandy beaches and you don’t want to be lumped together, you should explore the other side of the island.

Daaibooi Beach, Curaçao

It is already our 2nd winter here on the island and shame on me that I did not discover all the beautiful beaches of the West Coast during our first 3-month stay. The first beach we went to last week at a 5-minute drive from Coral Estate is Daaibooi Beach in Bandabou, near the town of Sint Willibrordus.

A very pleasant, intimate and not very big beach in the shape of a bowl surrounded by cliffs. There are sunbeds and you can also get something to eat and drink. The atmosphere is very relaxed and for some it is a “relief” compared to the crowded beaches of Mambo Beach and Jan Thiel Beach.

Cas Abou, Curaçao

The most beautiful beach on Curaçao: Cas Abou

I had heard it before and it is true, the most beautiful beach on Curaçao is Cas Abou! Just above Playa Porto Marie (also recommended) lies the beach of Cas Abou.

The beach is powdery white, the sea clear blue and there is a very relaxed atmosphere. Just look at the photos (no filter) to see how beautiful it is here. You pay 10 Naf for a day pass and further you can get food and drinks and rent sun beds. Perfect for a lovely day at the beach or in combination with a day trip to the other side of the island.

Cas Abou, most beautiful beach on Curaçao

Where to stay in Curaçao?

If you want to discover the west of Curaçao -in my opinion the most beautiful side of the island- and you still want to stay close to Willemstad and be completely taken care of, then I recommend Kunuku Aqua Resort, less than a 10 minutes drive from Daaibooi beach (literally at the end of the street).

Kunuku Resort offers an All-Inclusive concept which means you can drink and eat whatever you want all day long. Included is also during your stay 2 reservations for the grill table or the a la carte restaurant.  In addition Kunuku Aqua Resort has 7 swimming pools and 5 different water slides and believe me that is fun for everyone!

Kunuku Aqua Resort

7 pools and 5 different slides

The Kunuku Aqua Resort has 3 different accommodation types and something for everyone. Depending on the size and composition of your family, you can choose to stay in a studio, a family room or apartment for up to 6 people. We ourselves stayed in the family room, but you can also choose the apartment for 4 people, because they looked really nice with a very large balcony or terrace.

Family rooms and studio’s

View Family room

There is something for everyone, from couples and families with small children to large families that book several rooms next to each other so that you still have your own privacy and can have a very nice holiday together. I find the all-inclusive concept with children just fantastic. You can’t make them happier than to have a large choice from the buffet three times a day and in between to have unlimited drinks, eat ice-cream or order some snacks by the pool.

Bedroom Family room

Sushi & more restaurant

When we arrived the first evening, there was also live music. The children went crazy dancing to the cheerful music and the tone of the evening was immediately set. I found the atmosphere very cosy and relaxed. Nothing posh, but very accessible and easy going so that everyone feels at home.

In addition to all-inclusive, Kunuku Aqua Resort also has a great sushi & more restaurant (charges apply) and is also open to visitors from outside the resort.

In high season, there is also a kids club with all kinds of activities for children up to 12 years of age, while mum and dad can enjoy their cocktail by the pool in peace and quiet. It is very convenient and for us the ultimate holiday feeling when you are completely taken care of.

Date night with my girls

7 swimming pools and 5 different slides

It is not only for regular guests a party to be here, but also people from outside the Kunuku Aqua Resort have the opportunity to buy a day pass. With the day pass you can enjoy all the pools from 10:00 to 17:00 hours and also get food and drinks with the coins you get.  Recommended if you are not staying at the resort but want to enjoy everything the resort has to offer.

Cool swimming pools

Party to be here

When we were there (end of January), Vincent and I happened to be together for 12 years and we decided to go to Kunuku Aqua Resort especially for this occasion, because we knew we couldn’t make the kids happier than with a resort with so many pools and we did with success!

12 years together

In the morning, after the breakfast buffet, the children couldn’t wait for the swimming pools to open and then we all went down the slides together. I never thought it would be so much fun, also for mummy, haha.


After the morning, it was already time for the lunch buffet. Going to the restaurant on my slippers, I love it. Especially the ease of being able to join a table at any time. As I said, it’s all very casual and relaxed, but with the comfort that we are used to.

We have something to celebrate ♥

After Emma’s nap, cake was eaten, as such a special day obviously needed to be celebrated. We really enjoyed our stay, made a lot of new memories and those are always the best moments to look back on. I would say come to Curaçao, because it is really nice here!

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Want to know more about Kunuku Aqua Resort, check their site and book directly if you want to get the best price.

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