Chogogo, the most popular resort on Curaçao!

Chogogo Resort is located at the very end of Jan Thiel Bay. Hidden between the greenery, with on one side the salt pans in your backyard where you can spot flamingos and on the other side the Caribbean Sea. The owners of Chogogo bought this special piece of land almost 30 years ago and decided to turn it into a resort. Today the Chogogo resort is one of the most popular accommodations to book for a vacation on Jan Thiel.

Did you know that Chogogo means flamingo? It’s a nice reference to the many flamingos you can spot here in the water during a walk in the Salt Pans. The beautiful pink color of the flamingo is reflected in the beautiful flower bushes that bloom everywhere in the park. And that just through all the year, because on Curacao it is always nice weather 🙂 The different colored houses in yellow ocher, coral red, green and aqua blue finish it off. And with a clear blue sky you literally become happy with all those beautiful colors you see here every day!

Bungalows Chogogo Resort

The resort has different accommodation types, from bungalows, apartments and studios. We stayed in the 5 person bungalow and it was really spacious with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an extra third bedroom with a folding bed. All bungalows have a spacious wooden veranda with a seat area and hammock!

A baby crib can be booked for free and if you are bothered by mosquitoes you can ask for a mosquito net at the reception. The rooms are so spacious that Emma slept next to us in the crib and Sofie between us. They both enjoyed it very much and so did we secretly 😉

Living room / Kitchen

Bedroom 1

Bathroom 1

Bedroom 2

Chilling in the hammock

Facilities Chogogo Resort

As you can see from the pictures, the resort is very spacious with the beating heart in the middle with the pool and restaurant/bar area. We always started the day here with a delicious breakfast and then went to lie by the pool.

The pool consists of several parts and the upper pool is very child friendly and also suitable for small children. Swimming fun guaranteed and with a drink in one hand, and with an eye on the little ones, we could also enjoy to the max. A little further up, all the way to the left, you’ll find a fourth swimming pool.

Pool terrace

2nd Pool

3rd Pool


Dinner time at Chogogo

You can of course choose to eat at one of the restaurants in Jan Thiel Bay, but it is just as delicious and highly recommended to eat at the resort at restaurant Salú. The bar is really beautifully lit at night and through the special tent roof you are always connected to the outside which I personally find very beautiful.

In addition to a delicious evening meal at the restaurant, you can also choose to take your food to your own bungalow. Very convenient if it is late and the children are tired. Then you can at least “peacefully” enjoy dinner while the kids are in bed and you and your partner enjoy a good glass of wine on the porch. At Chogogo you just feel completely at home and that is exactly the purpose.

My breakfast

Fresh smoothie every day

“Catch of the week”

Chogogo, colorful family resort on Jan Thiel

What I find so special about Chogogo is that it is so spacious and colorful. People who followed me on Instagram (@diaryofkasia) see also my Insta Stories videos at the end under “Hotel Tips“, they liked it so much to see what a sense of freedom we experienced with the kids on Curacao. And that is exactly the same at Chogogo, here you experience the ultimate holiday feeling with the whole family.


Freedom Bliss 🙂

Beautiful flowers everywhere

Bungalows Chogogo Resort

My favorite color, aqua blue

Apartments Chogogo Resort

Beach Jan Thiel Bay

When we were there during the lockdown period in Curaçao (which, by the way, was very doable, especially if you’re here at Chogogo) we had direct and exclusive access to Koko’s beach as a guest. Beach restaurant Koko’s is located at the very end of Jan Thiel Bay and is a real hotspot that you can’t miss.

You can lounge here on the luxurious sunbeds and also enjoy a delicious lunch. Definitely a tip if you as a couple want a nice and relaxing day at the beach. If you are with children I recommend you to walk a little further (see photos below) to the gently sloping beach at Zest.

Koko’s Beach

On the move together

Zanzibar & Zest

Right next to Koko’s is Zanzibar beach and behind it Zest. When we lived in Curacao for 3 months we were here every weekend. At Zanzibar you can eat delicious pizzas and at Zest we had our regular Friday afternoon drink on the beach with all our little children. So much fun!

It’s always a party there and great fun. From Chogogo it is all within walking distance, so you never have to take a cab home because you can do everything on foot, including a visit to the supermarket van den Tweel.

Zanzibar Beach

Always a party at Zest

Queuing for ice cream @Zest Beach

To conclude

Chogogo surprised me in every way. Not only the beautiful location, the nice wooden bungalows, but especially the friendliness of the Dutch owners and staff who welcome you with open arms. It was not easy last year. First because of the long lockdown in in the world and later in Curacao itself, but everything is safe and open again and Curacao is welcoming you back!

On the last evening of our stay, we enjoyed the beautiful sunset as a family for the very last time. It made me a bit wistful, because I realized that I did not want to go home at all and that I did not want to leave this paradise (because it literally felt like that), but I will definitely be back 🙂

Would you also like to stay at Chogogo Resort, then book directly through their website because then you get the best prices or through TUI of course through a package, because then you know for sure that you get the best price. I am very curious how you are going to find it and if you fall like me in love with Dushi Curacao!

𝑊𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒, 𝐾𝑎𝑠𝑖𝑎

Hottub Chogogo

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