Fairy-tale Bagan, Myanmar

Newspaper publication at the Dutch Metro!

It’s only been recent since Myanmar (former Burma) opened its borders to tourists. Until that time the country lived secluded from the outside world for decades. So, a unique opportunity to visit the country now, before it’s overloaded with tourism.

That’s why when I started my trip to Myanmar, I had no expectations whatsoever. I did have one place high on my wish list though, namely the temple valley of Bagan.
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Traditional fisherman at Inle Lake

Those who visit Myanmar can not miss Inle Lake. Inle Lake is a very large lake in the middle of Myanmar and is especially well-known for its traditional fishermen, also called “leg rowers”, because they keep their hands free for their fishing nets. These fishermen’s lives take place mostly on this lake. Whole villages have been built on poles and even their vegetables and fruits are cultivated in genuine floating vegetable gardens.
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