Zanzibar 5* Family Hotel Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

Last year I made a call online to see who would be the perfect ambassador for Stylish Travel Tips to review 5 star hotels, to which I received many responses. I also like to give other people a stage who make a special trip and visit beautiful places and one of them is ”The Travelicious Family”.

They can be followed on Instagram @thetraveliciousfamily and have been travelling full-time and indefinitely since January 2020. Who are they exactly? Wouter (45 yrs), Rinkje (38 yrs), Laurens (5 yrs) Sophie (3 yrs) and the youngest child Louise, now 1 year old. Born on Curaçao and already a little world traveller.

They have decided that the Netherlands will no longer be their home and that they will emigrate to Curaçao. On their way to a free life, a life in which their children can grow up without fear and restrictions around Corona. And that is exactly what I wish for my own 2 daughters as well. A life in freedom!

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Long term stay at Curacao for the winter

We are living in a crazy time now Covid-19 has thrown a spanner in the works with all our travel plans. As I am typing this I have been in Curacao for 2 months. A fantastic time (and still) with the intention to stay here even longer, but when uploading this interview suddenly the lockdown came. With this lockdown they hope, just like last year, to successfully reduce the number of infections and believe me, you are safe again! So put Curacao already on your bucket list for spring/summer and read below what Curacao has to offer for a wonderful sun vacation or if you want to go to Curacao for a longer period of time.

Completely unexpectedly Rinkje from “TheTraveliciousFamily” ended up on Curaçao six months ago when they were busy with their world trip and at that moment, when about half the world was locked up because of Covid-19, they had to leave Africa in a hurry to be able to fly home safely. Via Iceland they ended up on Curaçao and they liked it so much here, that they decided to stay, and even their 3rd child Louise was born here. Because of Rinkje we are here now too, which was the best choice ever. In this interview Rinkje, as a true island insider, gives all her tips from sunny Curaçao.

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