Family round trip with children Mexico, Yucatan

Mexico, land of pearly white beaches, azure sea and Mayan temples. My ultimate holiday destination, because the people there are very nice, you can eat delicious food and there is almost always a lovely breeze blowing at the sea. Mexico is very large and my favourite destination is the Yucatán peninsula in the south east, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.

Central America and in particular Mexico is a land steeped in history with landmarks and archaeological sites that shape the culture and people inhabiting its offerings. Experience now this unique part of the world and the beauty of Yucatan with unforgettable excursions for you and your kids specially compiled by Kay Tours.

The following round trip will take you on a 8-day tour of the Yucatan Peninsula and focused on families with young children.

Playa del Carmen @thejetsettingfamily

Starting your journey from Playa del Carmen, you will embark on a 16-stop adventure that will bring your family memories to last a lifetime. Your tour will make stops in some of the most popular cities and attractions along the route and all the while be set against the backdrop of world-renowned attractions and beautiful landscapes.

Muyil Lagoon @tulumdivingtravel

Day 1: Muyil Ruins, Chacchoben Ruins, Bacalar

Your first day you will travel to our first stop on the tour, the archaeological site of Muyil / Chunyaxché, one of the earliest settlements on the Caribbean Coast. A partially excavated ruin offers a unique feature in the Muyil Lagoon, which has a lookout that brings spectacular views of the lagoon and the surrounding jungle.

Chacchoben @barbmiko

Chacchoben ruins

From there we will visit Felipe Carrillo Puerto and embark to our second stop, the archaeological site of Chacchoben, which offers nature and over 3,000 years of Maya history. Tell your children to watch the trees as they may catch a glimpse of the many spider monkeys that call this area home.

Lake of Bacalar

If anything else, this activity will keep them entertained and provide a fun addition to the sights and sounds offered by the ruins. On the way to Bacalar, we will make a stop in the village of Limones, where the roadsides are lined with pineapples, which the locals harvest and prepare in many different ways to be consumed.

Lake of Bacalar

The stop in this location will allow parents to buy fresh cut fruit for the children on the tour. Once in Bacalar, there will be several ice cream venues to treat little ones to a treat that is sure to be enjoyed. From this site we will travel to your lodgings for the evening.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Bacalar: Luxury Cabañas

Luxury Cabañas, Bacalar

Day 2: Boat Tour Over Lagoon, Kohunlich And Dzibanche Ruins, Xpujil

Day 2 will start with a boat tour of the Lagoon of Bacalar, which is part of the larger body of water known as the Lake of Bacalar or the Lake of Seven Colors. As part of the boat tour patrons will be afforded the opportunity to see cenotes, pirates channel and the island of birds.

Dzibanche @stefanieschmidts

From there we will take a trip to the archaeological site of Kohunlich and Dzibanche, a large city with many impressive architectural features. After this portion of the tour we will travel to your lodgings for the evening

  • Suggestion for lodging in Xpujil: Hotel Calakmul

Hotel Calakmul

Day 3: Calakmul, Palenque

The third day of the tour brings us to the archaeological site of Calakmul, one of the most structure-rich ruins within the Maya region. Get there early as children will yet again be entertained by the wildlife living in the area.

Calakmul Pyramid

This stop will offer kids the opportunity to spot howler monkeys living in the trees and will provide an enchanting distraction to go along with our tour of the ruins. From here we will travel to our lodgings for the evening.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Palenque: Villas Adriana

Villas Adriana, Palenque

Day 4: Palenque, Cascadas Roberto Barrios, Sabancuy

On this day we will visit the archaeological site of Palenque, a site overflowing with historical significance, as an overabundance of hieroglyphics tell the story and history of the people who once occupied the ruins.


From there we will bring you to the “Cascada de Roberto Barrios”, waterfalls offering a chance to relax in the cool water and take in breathtaking views of natural beauty. We will then travel to your lodgings for the evening.

Cascada de Roberto Barrios Waterfalls © Sin Postal

Day 5: Isla Aguada, Champoton, Campeche

On the tour’s fifth day we partake in a boat ride to the “Laguna de Términos” a lagoon encompassing the region’s largest estuary and offering another opportunity to experience the beauty this stop provides.

From the lagoon we will travel to Mangrove Islands and be afforded the pleasure of bird watching, with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of wildlife indigenous to this region and many species of birds.

Dolphin spotting

While on the boat trip we will have a chance to see bottlenose dolphins and make a stop in the city of Champoton, another historical locale that offers a chance to immerse you in Maya culture. From here we will travel to your lodgings for the evening.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Campeche: Hotel Mision Campeche

Hotel Mision Campeche

Day 6: Churches and Historic Center Campeche, Pomuch, Becal, Uxmal

The 6th day brings us to the churches San Roman and the Cathedral at the historic center, which offer a chance to see “The Black Christ” and architectural splendor. From there we will visit the Fort of San Miguel and its museum and the cemetery of Pomuch, where a unique display of the deceased can be seen.

Campeche Town

Becal, City of Panama hats

We will then visit the town of Becal, known as the center of the Yucatan-Panama-hat trade. A sound and light show at Uxmal is optional, but is not included as part of the tour.

Becal, City of Panama hats @alicebonini

For children: Museo Del Chocolate

Those with children may want to consider skipping the light show in favor of the Choco-Story Ecoparque Museo Del Chocolate, a museum, which offers tours and a chance to indulge your sweet tooth.

Choco Story Museum

The concept of the museum is to learn more about the history of cocoa, its benefits and to learn more about the history of cocoa and its importance to the Mayan people. From here we will travel to your lodgings for the evening.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Uxmal: 5 star Hacienda Uxmal 

5* Hotel Hacienda Uxmal

Day 7: Uxmal Ruins, Yaxcopoil, Mayan World Museum, Merida

On the seventh day we will visit the archaeological Uxmal pyramid. This famous pyramid is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. From here we will travel to the Hacienda Yaxcopoil, a town and hacienda that is rich in historical and cultural significance.

Uxmal pyramid

We will continue this theme by visiting the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, a world-class museum celebrating Maya culture.

Maya history, Hacienda Uxmal

We will finish the day by exploring Merida’s main plaza, governor’s palace and cathedral before travelling to your lodgings for the evening.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Merida: boutique Hotel Casa Lucia

Casa Lucia Hotel

Day 8: Rio Lagartos, Las Coloradas, Return To Playa Del Carmen

The final day of the tour will offer a private boat tour of the National Park Rio Lagartos, known as one of the region’s most beautiful natural showcases. Take a clay bath and have a splashing time with your kids and then rinse of in one of the natural springs in the area.

Rio Lagartos @loucaunes

Las Coloradas, pink saline fields

Another bird watching excursion will be experienced as well as Las Coloradas, also known as, the pink saline fields. This feature will provide great family photo opportunities with the pink lakes in the background.

Pink Lake @andathousandwords

Children will be excited to see more wildlife as flamingos and crocodiles inhabit this area. After this you will return to your hotel in the Playa del Carmen area.

  • Suggestion for lodging in Playa del Carmen: Le Reve Boutique Beachfront Hotel (10 minutes outside town).

Le Reve Boutique hotel, Playa del Carmen

About Kay Tours

This 8 day round trip trough Yucatan was composed by Kay Tours. The owner, Kay Honig originally from Germany lives since 2012 together with his lovely family in Playa del Carmen. Ever since he fell in love with the Riviera Maya and it is his passion to share all his tips with you.

Team Kay Tours

With Kay Tours he offers personalised and customised tours with all the wishes you have to discover all the beauty of Mexico and in particular the Yucatan area. If you are looking for your next family vacation I can truly recommend to book your holiday with Kay Tours for the trip of your lifetime.

Kay and his team are looking forward to welcome you. If you want more information on pricing and other package offerings, you can also contact them at their Facebook page Kay Tours Mexico and Kay and his team are happy to answer all your questions 🙂

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