Krakow, the most romantic city of Poland

Several years ago I was for the first time in winter in Krakow. It was snowing and it was magical. The main square of Krakow was covered with a layer of snow. Several horse carriages were ready to ride enthusiasts through the old town. Slowly it was getting dark and in the evening thousands of lights were illuminating the city, changing the town in a fairy tale. Krakow is also called “the Florence of Poland” and is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And that is absolutely true!

Today I fly back to this beautiful city, and it feels every time like coming home. Some of you may already know that I am half Polish and with my typical Polish name Kasia (pronounced Kasha) I am proud of what my both cultures give to me. I’m already looking forward to settling down in an authentic Polish restaurant and to ordering my favorite Barszcz (beetroot soup). The days just before Christmas are an ideal period to book a city break to Krakow as it is the perfect destination to get into the Christmas mood.

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