Vlieland, hidden treasure of Holland

A couple years ago I was at Vlieland for the first time and I was truly amazed. I found it so beautiful! I have been able to see a lot of the world, but I was truly impressed by how beautiful this place is. I just couldn’t believe the Netherlands has such beautiful islands. Especially Vlieland with its beautiful white beaches.

From the moment you set foot ashore you literally enter a different world. It starts with the boat ride from Harlingen (Friesland). You leave your car behind, because you can’t take that with you. During the trip across the Waddenzee which lasts 1.5 hours, you can enjoy the view from the top of the deck and if you’re lucky you might spot some seals.

Beach Vlieland

As soon as you approach the island you see what broad sandy beaches Vlieland has to offer. It’s so widely stretched that you see almost no people. Just some lonely fishermen or a group of horses galloping over the beach with their horsemen. What a feeling of freedom! Upon arrival in the harbor the boat is awaited by the inhabitants on the sides with a lot of waving.

Arrive ashore your luggage is transported to your stay completely free of charge. Do make sure you rent a bicycle, otherwise you won’t get far 😉 Vlieland is one of the 5 inhabited islands of the Netherlands. It’s east of the island Texel and counts as many as 1100 people. Fun fact, Vlieland has the highest dune of all the Waddeneilanden: 45 meters high!

Duinen Vlieland

Dunes in Vlieland

Vlieland itself isn’t that big. The island is about 12 km long and not more than 2 km wide. The people visiting Vlieland mostly go there for the long beaches and the beautiful nature. It’s really an island that leaves an impression on you. With the sea literally all around you the expression ‘let the wind blow through your hair’ really comes to life.

The island only counts about 15 hotel of which most are in the village. There is only one accommodation on the other side of the island at a 7 km bike ride of Vlieland-East. On the smallest piece of Vlieland, in the middle of the dunes and close to a nature reserve, hotel/restaurant Posthuys arrises as the last stop of the “inhabited world”. They couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place. It’s only been a while since the well-known Posthuys started the possibility of staying the night.

Kamers Posthuys

Rooms Posthuys

The rooms have been decorated modernly and atmospheric, keeping the colors from nature in mind. The Posthuys knows a rich history dating back to the year 1836. For the interior design of their 14 rooms, the owners Leonie and her husband have asked the older generation to share their pictures. This old archive filled with pictures of the old days can now be admired in every room on a black/white canvas.

Posthuys Vlieland

Posthuys Vlieland

Vlieland is the smallest island of the Waddeneilanden and is mostly known for its birds. The Posthuys is located immediately next to the famous Kroon’s Polders. This nature reserve is mostly known for its hundreds of species of birds that find their place to lay eggs or eat here. The little dyke along the Kroon’s Polders, where the Spoonbill can also be found, is the best place to spot birds. You can take a really beautiful 2.5 hour hike by firstly walking through the dunes of the Kroon’s Polder, which means leaving the Posthuys behind you, and to walk back along the beach.

Hotel Posthuys

Hotel Posthuys

When you stay in the village it’s definitely a must to go around Vlieland by bike. For the real Vlieland feeling you walk or bike to the Posthuys, which is at the beginning of the Vliehors. The Vliehors is a huge sand plain that covers almost half the island. Re-energize, just like everyone else at the restaurant or at the terrace of Hotel Posthuys, to the continue on your route back along the other side.

Duin wandeling

Walk through the Dunes

It doesn’t really matter what season you visit Vlieland. It’s especially beautiful here during Spring and Summer, but even during Fall you can let the wind carry you away here. You then really experience the island feeling where you can walk the long beaches for hours. A few years ago I rode along with a couple horsemen. While the horses work galloping freely across the beaches and I noticed the shimmering of the sun over the sea, the tears of joy made me tear up. It was a feeling of freedom that touched me deeply and that is something I will never forget.

Strand Vlieland

Beach Vlieland

If you like, then watch this amazing video, recorded with a drone. This video doesn’t need any explanation and shows a couple of hidden treasures of Vlieland that you can not see on foot or by bike. Enjoy and see you at Vlieland!

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