Holidays with kids at the Dutch coast: “Huisje van Hout” in Noordwijk

I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant of the second one and this week we enjoy our last holiday with the three of us in the Netherlands on the Dutch coast. I found a too sweet and cute little wooden house near Noordwijk aan Zee. This week we are going to enjoy the sun, sea and beach in our own country in the Netherlands. And as icing on the cake we will also visit the flowering dahlia fields that are only in bloom this month.

Huisje van Hout (wooden holiday home) is located just behind the dunes between Noordwijk and Noordwijkerhout. Did you know that the Dutch North Sea coast is 523 km long? Plenty of places to discover! If you go on holiday with a toddler then comfort and convenience is the most important thing for us. Luckily holiday home “Huisje van Hout” exceeded all our expectations and I give you all the tips below on what you can do in the area with small children.

North Sea coast, Netherlands

Beautiful holiday home from wood

A cosy holiday cottage of wood, Scandinavian decor and close to the sea. Those were the wishes of me for a holiday on the North Sea coast with our daughter of 2 years. After some browsing on the internet I soon came out at Huisje van Hout in Noordwijk. Yes this cottage had it all I wished for the perfect holiday with children in the Netherlands 🙂

Holiday Home “Huisje van Hout”, Noordwijk

Entrance Huisje van Hout, Noordwijk

Interior design Huisje van Hout, Noordwijk

When we arrived at Huisje van Hout in Noordwijk, I felt more like I had arrived somewhere in Scandinavia than in the Netherlands. Completely hidden in the green you will find this cute little house for 6 people with cosy garden. When I entered the house I immediately said to my boyfriend: “I want to live here”!

Living room + open attic

Scandinavian furnishing

Dining room, bedroom + stairs to loft

Huisje van Hout in Noordwijk has in the middle of the holiday home the central living area with open kitchen, dining table for 6 people and a cosy sitting area with gas fireplace.

On both sides a solid staircase leads up to the two lofts where another 4 people can sleep. The bathroom is located downstairs next to the two-person bedroom where also fits a baby cot in it.

Picking apples from your own garden

The holiday cottage is ideal for small children, because in the shed is already a baby cot and children chair stored for you and also two bikes with on everyone’s luggage carrier a child chair. Just perfect if you want to cycle through the dunes with your little one(s).

Furthermore, the wooden house is completely kids proof and if you open the doors of the wooden deck terrace you have a good view of the garden where the children can play safely, while mom and dad enjoy a cup of coffee or tea on the sun terrace. What more could you wish for as a parent? At least my holiday couldn’t get any worse!

Helping making breakfast in the morning

Trendy beach bars in Noordwijk

I really love the Dutch beaches and especially in the early or late season when it is not too busy on the beach. Sofie is now 2 years old and she could spend hours on the beach looking for sea shells, building sand castles and running after the seagulls.

Seeking shells on the beach

Even when the weather is not so good, it’s great to stay on the beach or in one of the trendy beach bars in Noordwijk aan Zee. Here are my 3 favourite beach pavilions:

  • Beach club Witsand
  • Beach bar Tulum
  • Beach bar B.E.A.C.H.

Interior B.E.A.C.H. beach bar, Noordwijk

Flowering dahlia fields

Did you know that in late summer the dahlias are still in full bloom in the surroundings of Lisse? Almost everyone who is a bit flower crazy visits the Keukenhof in spring.

People from all over the world come to visit the flowering fields in April and May in the Netherlands, but not everyone knows that the dahlias are in full bloom in the months of August and September.

Flowering dahlia fields at FAM Flower Farm

I was lucky enough to be able to see the flowering dahlia fields myself, because the dahlias only bloom from mid-August to mid-September. After that the flowers are mowed and the tubers, as they call them, remain for sale.

Sophie between the flowering dahlias

It is polite to first announce a visit to one of the flower fields in the vicinity of Noordwijk to the owner of the flower fields. This is to prevent all tourists from damaging the flowers. Moreover, it is not allowed to just walk into a flower field everywhere by yourself.

Together at FAM Flower Farm

At FAM Flower Farm in Lisse you can plan a visit at their website and then you have plenty of time to walk through the gigantic flower fields. They also have nice attributes to make your photos completely “Instagram proof“.

Complete with swing, Dutch bike and wicker baskets. How nice is that! Only after planning an appointment with FAM Flower Farm you will you get the secret address where you have to go to. Psst, don’t tell anyone about it 😉

Pink dahlias, my favorite!

After a visit to FAM Flower Farm, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a snack at a picnic table in the middle of the flower fields. We had beautiful weather and Sofie loved to run along the paths along the different flowers. It was such a nice morning that we want to come back, but next time in spring when the tulips are in bloom.

Admiring the dahlias together 🙂

Plan a citytrip to Leiden

A nice trip from Huisje van Hout in Noordwijk is to visit the beautiful and historic city of Leiden. If you visit Leiden for a day, you’ll be surprised by 800 years of the history of this ancient city. Leiden is also known as the “City of Discoveries” and has, among other things, the oldest university in the Netherlands.

Stroll along the canals, discover the narrow streets and admire the old typical Dutch buildings with their characteristic facade roofs that stand along the water. Go shopping in the Pieterskwartier in Leiden and end with a nice lunch in the courtyard at the Pakhuis.

Saint Louis Church in Leiden

Holidays with kids at the Dutch coast

It was our first holiday with Sofie in the Netherlands and I have to admit that it exceeded all our expectations. No long travel time, no intense summer heat and yet so close to experiencing the ultimate holiday feeling, and that in our own country. A holiday in the Netherlands with small children is really fun!

Running behind a seagull

The Dutch beaches are really great and the kids have a great time on the beach. Everywhere along the coast you will find trendy and cosy beach pavilions on the beach, and as a parent you have a good view while children playing.

In addition, I find the spring or late summer really perfect to go on holiday in the Netherlands. The weather is still nice and warm and the beaches are not too crowded. I found the choice for Huisje van Hout in Noordwijk the best choice we could make, because we have so many great memories made that we absolutely want to come back next year again 🙂

Enjoying the evening sun at the North Sea, Netherlands


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