Luxury lifestyle 5* hotel TUI BLUE Jadran, Croatia

Do you remember them, the Feel the Breeze Family who in 2020, the year of COVID-19 took off in their Land Rover to drive to their sailboat which was parked in Turkey with which they want to sail over the world? Last year, as exclusive ambassadors for Stylish Travel Tips, they stayed at the 5-star TUI BLUE Jadran hotel in Croatia, but not much later the travel advice was tightened and holidays to this beautiful country were advised against.

Fortunately, Croatia is back on yellow for a while and, with a health pass in your pocket, you won’t have to go into quarantine on your return. I would say, what are you waiting for, make a great roadtrip along the beautiful coast of Croatia and stay halfway in this super nice and stylish 5 star hotel. Gerben and Rianne tested it out for me and shot some lovely pictures to dream away with. Look and judge for yourself.

Benjamin & Gerben

“We have decided because of Corona to travel with an old LandRover from Amsterdam to Turkey from where we will sail around the world. We no longer have a home and the LandRover and Boat are our home. So for the next few months, we will be sleeping in a tent on the roof of our LandRover. We love it, we get to see the most beautiful places and wash ourselves in rivers and mountain lakes.

We like extremes and variety, and that includes luxury too. That’s why we were particularly pleased with our stop at the TUI Blue Hotel Jadran in Tucepi, Croatia. This is a beautiful hotel with a story, it is the first 5 star hotel in Croatia and was built especially for the Intelligence Service. After that it has experienced a turbulent time from great grandeur to complete decay. Today it is a beautiful 5-star hotel with three swimming pools and all the luxury and facilities you could want.”

5* Hotel TUI Blue Jadran

Step straight into the pool from your room (Junior Suite Extra)

How was your reception at the hotel?

Our reception was very pleasant, we were received very warmly despite the fact that all the staff wear masks and could not see the smile we felt. They knew exactly about our reservation and helped us with our suitcases, or rather cabin bags from the LandRover to the lovely room on the fourth floor of the hotel.

Enjoy a drink at the Bar with sea view

Atmosphere of the room, view and comfort

The atmosphere of the room is wonderfully light and fully equipped, and with a clear layout. In the pantry is a desk with the wardrobe so everything is out of sight of the living area. The living area has a nice bed with good pillows and a nice shower. They even had the cot for Benjamin ready.

Our room was on the fourth floor with a sea view and a view of the swimming pools and the terrace where live music could be heard in the evening. We enjoyed this from the balcony in lounge chairs. In addition, the view is breathtaking.

View Duo Extra room with sea view

Hotel facilities: restaurant, swimming pools and private beach

The facilities of the hotel are simply fantastic, the different pools offer something for everyone, Benjamin and I could enjoy ourselves in the shallow end while Rianne was swimming in the infinity pool.

In addition, the private beach and the outdoor restaurant are a must. Crystal clear water, pebble beach and we treated ourselves with a lounge bed with service for the ultimate luxury feeling.

Rianne & Benjamin

Is the TUI Blue Jadran Hotel COVID proof?

The hotel is definitely Covid proof, all staff wear mouth masks and during dinner the food at the buffet is brought to your table by the staff. This was the case last year, but the staff more make it more than up with their hospitality and friendliness.

It just takes some getting used to and that goes for everyone. In addition, it was still very quiet in the hotel (partly due to COVID19), but we noticed that during our stay it increased a little, which added to the cosiness 🙂

Outdoor terrace

How was the road trip along the coast to it?

Croatia is beautiful, we have fallen in love. The crystal clear water, the coastal roads, but also the mountains and forests. The variety from barren rock formations to green oasis make it very diverse.

We chose the coastal road and if you have the time, this is really a must, we then drove even further south and there you imagine yourself to be in Italy. The beaches are mainly pebbles and the temperature of the sea is very pleasant.

Pebble beach, coast Croatia

To whom would you recommend this hotel?

We would recommend this hotel to couples or couples with young children up to 3 years old. The hotel is designed for adults and children are welcome, but only when accompanied by their parents. Benjamin played a lot with other children around 2 years old, which was very nice.


Finally, how did you experience your stay?

Our stay in TUI Blue Hotel Jadran was very good, we enjoyed all the luxuries of the hotel, from the lounge bed with service to the Spa with different treatments and all the experiences were very good.

The management and staff of the hotel ensure a personal atmosphere and approach with appropriate distance, so that you can really enjoy everything the hotel and Croatia have to offer. Highly recommended if you are looking for luxury and want to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Chilling out on your own lounge bed

Do you want to experience all further sailing adventures of Gerben & Rianne? Follow them on their own  Feel the Breeze Youtube channel where they have now reached over 1 million views by posting a vlog every week about their sailing adventures. It is very special to see how they live their lives completely free and what beautiful places they come across, so you should definitely follow them.

Do you also have a special travel story or do you have beautiful travel content you want to share? Then I offer you the opportunity to share your travel story on my website and who knows, you might even be invited to review a stylish hotel as exclusive ambassador for Stylish Travel Tips.

Rianne, STT Ambassador


Do you want to discover more places in Croatia? Not far from Tucepi (8 min drive) you can take the car ferry from Makarska to the island Brac and the crossing takes about 1 hour. Brac is the biggest island of Central Dalmatia and has the most sun hours. On Brac you will also find Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni Rat, which also means the “Golden Horn”, near the picturesque village of Bol.

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