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As a guest travel blogger, I (Naomi) am honored, to share my Stylish Chic tips with you and especially for one of the most beautiful cities, which is also the capital of my home country, namely Amsterdam! As a fashion addict, with already 17 years of work experience in fashion and working in Amsterdam, it’s only logical to me to start my favorite shopping hotspots in this city.

Of course there’s the Kalverstraat, P.C. Hoofdstraat, and the Leidsestraat where you can find an abundance of well-known, chic and beautiful shops, but I myself like the authentic experience better. That’s why I prefer the Jordaan with all its canals, beautiful houses, varied facades and its well-known shopping area the ‘9 straatjes’. And there’s also of course “de Pijp”, where more and more nice authentic shops and lunchrooms are opening their doors and where it’s filled with the combination of locals, market-goers, hipsters and tourists!

Jordaan 9 Straatjes

Jordaan “9 Straatjes”

For me, these are exactly the reasons I love Amsterdam, even though I live in The Hague myself 🙂 There’s a reason why Amsterdam is one of the most favorite tourist attractions of our country and even the world! The nicest shops, according to my authentic chic taste, you will find in these smaller neighborhoods of Amsterdam. My top 5 are all situated next to each other and on a nice walking route through the city:

Number Nine

This is a conceptstore with a recently opened store in the Jordaan, at the mixed Elandsgracht, across from the historical Johnny Jordaan square. Meanwhile, Number Nine has no less than 6 shops in the Netherlands, of which 3 in Amsterdam. Despite that it has become a small store chain, the shops are all unique and divers.

Number Nine uses mainly vintage furniture and natural resources in the interior of their shops and offers a nice mix of stylish, Scandinavian, affordable brands. The collection consists of men’s and women’s clothing combined with cool, trendy accessories, shoes and innovative personal care products of among others “L:A Bruket”. Other than that, the relaxed atmosphere and the great service with a fresh cup of coffee really delight me!

Number Nine

Number Nine

Weldaad interior

A few streets down in one of the 9 streets, between multiple fun, crazy and unique shops and lunchrooms, there’s a beautiful interior shop with the most beautiful accesories, vintage furniture, broc and all sorts of decorational items for your home, called: “De Weldaad”

They have the nicest gifts and everything you need to perfectly style your house, like glass bells, chests, vases, shells, barstools and other vintage stuff that give your house that little extra it deserves. And above all, the furniture they sell are mostly originals and antiques from the 19th century, just because of that it’s already a must visit for interior lovers. Visit the store at the corner of Keizersgracht and the Reestraat 1 or their other shop down the Jordaan at Noordermarkt 35-36.

Weldaad Reestraat

“Weldaad” Reestraat

Anna + Nina

A bit the other way, passed the Rijksmuseum, lays the upcoming hotspot area the Pijp. Situated around the multicultural Albert Cuyp market, where you can find multiple small and innovative shops, restaurants and cafés.

I think Anna + Nina is one of the best new store concepts in the Netherlands of the last couple years. This store opened in 2013 and is started by 2 fashion/PR girls with a unique taste and eye for detail. The idea for the shop arose from their shared passion for travelling, souvenirs and beautiful authentic accessories. That’s why they let many of the jewelry be made in Bali themselves, which makes all of them unique.

The store’s interior is a mix of boudoir-ish vintage furniture combined with Scandinavian influences, which makes the store feel very intimate. This makes it amazing to just snoop around in for a long time and gather some inspiration. This makes this store of course the perfect place for the ultimate lifestyle shopping and for finding the most beautiful presents!

Their selection varies from jewelry, glasswork, a couple interior accessories, noteblocks , and affordable art to lingerie and anything beautiful for your home! This can all be admired at the Gerard Doustraat 94 and nowadays at the Kloverniersburgwal 44 as well.

Anna + Nina

Anna + Nina

Anna + Nina Interieur

Anna + Nina Interior

Anna + Nina Collectie

Anna + Nina Collection

Details Anna + Nina

Details Anna + Nina


Another innovative store concept is Hutspot. With a store in the Van Woustraat at the Pijp of 800 m² and nowadays another one at the Rozengracht near the 9 streets. A continuously changing mix of new brands, upcoming designer products, books, accessories and different lifestyle articles. Combine that with an authentic barber shop in the store, furniture, plants, interior accessories, a trendy café above with delicious food and more new pop-up events and you got Hutspot. Anything you see is for sale, great right!?

This store has become so popular in such a short amount of time, that they even opened a Hutspot bar-restaurant in the building next to it and they’re busy building their third store in 3 years’ time. Experience Hutspot yourself in the, currently, 2 stores in Amsterdam that are open 7 days a week at the Van Woustraat 4 and Rozengracht 204-210.

Hutspot Amsterdam

Hutspot Amsterdam


This clean white shop is situated in the Pijp, in between Anna + Nina and Hutspot. In a side street of the Albert Cuyp market with only nice food stores, unique shops and other beautiful concepts like the Yoghurt Barn and Yscuypje. In this street you almost feel like you’re in Italy, with the nice terraces and trees in constant busyness. The store really pops out with its tight and original concept. Cool because of the stone walls, authentic because of the unique furniture and the vintage cash register, that also serves as a coffee bar.

Clean because of the for the most part Scandinavian products and white styling and homely because of the warm service and gluten free and mainly vegetarian lunchroom in the loft and beautiful pieces of art on the wall. Unfortunately for men, they only sell women’s articles but a very beautiful mix of timeless products, with not only clothing, but also wannahaves like the most beautiful shoes, accessories, lingerie, personal care products and anything you need to perfectly style your outfit and feel like a true woman. They only have one store so far, but in one of the best streets of Amsterdam at the 1e Van Der Helstraat 76.

Cottoncake Amsterdam

Cottoncake Amsterdam

Cottoncake Interieur

Cottoncake Interieur

Besides my 5 favorites, there are of course a lot more nice shops in the 9 streets as well as the Pijp. Do stroll through the small streets looking for more favorites to add to this list. I still discover new shops every day here!

9 Straatjes Amsterdam

“9 Straatjes” Amsterdam

The best thing about these neighborhoods, I believe, is that there is a nice mixture of lunchrooms, new hotel and catering industry concepts,  and small shops that are supplied with love by the owners, who you can find in the shops themselves every day, offering the most divers and unique things. That, combined with the innovative shop concepts, and interior and vintage shops, makes this the ultimate and most inspiring form of shopping for me.

Add that to the surroundings with their small squares, small streets, many canals and varied shop facades and houses and that is what makes Amsterdam, and especially these two areas, one of the best shopping hotspots in the world!

Winkels Amsterdam

Yscuypje Amsterdam

We are a fan of Naomi’s. On her travel blog website she  writes about her travel stories and shares all the fun hotspots with her followers. You can follow her too on Facebook or through her Instagram. We are curious to know about you and maybe you have some hotspot tips you want to share with us? Leave a comment below!

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