Zanzibar 5* Family Hotel Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

Last year I made a call online to see who would be the perfect ambassador for Stylish Travel Tips to review 5 star hotels, to which I received many responses. I also like to give other people a stage who make a special trip and visit beautiful places and one of them is ”The Travelicious Family”.

They can be followed on Instagram @thetraveliciousfamily and have been travelling full-time and indefinitely since January 2020. Who are they exactly? Wouter (45 yrs), Rinkje (38 yrs), Laurens (5 yrs) Sophie (3 yrs) and the youngest child Louise, now 1 year old. Born on Curaçao and already a little world traveller.

They have decided that the Netherlands will no longer be their home and that they will emigrate to Curaçao. On their way to a free life, a life in which their children can grow up without fear and restrictions around Corona. And that is exactly what I wish for my own 2 daughters as well. A life in freedom!

Zanzibar Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

How do they do that exactly? They gave up everything for it and created a new life on their own terms. And as they embarked on their new travel adventure in Africa, for Stylish Travel Tips they landed on the paradise island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. Rinkje takes you along…

Arival Zanzibar Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

Yes there we are! After a 9-hour flight from Amsterdam (with only a 2-hour time difference in winter), we landed on Zanzibar where we stayed at the Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa at the invitation of Stylish Travel Tips, which immediately felt like paradise on arrival because of the flower fountain.

Sophie was amazed to “pick” the floating flowers from the fountain and to smell them – this smells like home! After a delicious welcome drink, we and our suitcases were taken to the room.


Bloemenfontein Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

Atmosphere of the family room, bathroom and view

It was a beautiful house with a thatched roof that really felt like a villa. The children were very excited about the big bed in front of them, where they immediately put their cuddly toys under the covers.

Louise’s baby bed, a beautiful wooden cot, was also ready on arrival. There were flowers on the bed for everyone, what a warm welcome!

Kids feel at home right away

Hotel facilities: restaurants, swimming pools, beach and kids club

There are several restaurants and all kinds of food in the hotel. Laurens even had his favourite food, sushi, at the hotel. Because of the wide choice of restaurants, we could eat somewhere else every day, which meant that we did not have to leave the resort at all.

Italian à la carte restaurant

The swimming pools are around and through the restaurants, very nicely set up and felt a bit like we were in the Maldives, really enjoying the fact that there was not a field with hundreds of beds but the beds were quite a distance away from each other and with privacy.

The different depths of the pool were also great for the kids, there were plenty of shallow areas where they could play together in the water. There were also lovely spots with beds on the beach, under the trees for some refreshing shade.

Water fun @Zanzibar Neptune Pwani Beach Resort

We also booked a romantic dinner for two, and they set up a beautiful table on the beach among the trees, candles around it, rose petals on the table, all ready for a proposal, haha.

It is that we are already married, otherwise this would have been the ultimate moment for a marriage proposal 😉 We had a lovely, mega romantic dinner together…

Drinking cocktails on the beach

The hotel surroundings, Masai spotting on the beach

The beach is pearly white and feels like icing sugar, so incredibly beautiful! Next to the hotel are beautiful thatched houses on the beach which are shops and where they make and sell the most beautiful woodwork, art, clothing etc. Very nice to visit if you are staying at the hotel.

Beautiful beaches Zanzibar

Masai, the original inhabitants of Kenya

In addition, in the hotel itself there is a Masai show where they come and dance, very nice and impressive to see! The Masai are especially known for their ability to jump so high. They have even developed a special technique to do this.

At first, they jump a few times briefly, which causes the pressure to build up so that they jump 1.5 metres into the air in one go. The so-called “Jumping Dance” is performed by the men mainly to demonstrate their strength and endurance.

So special, Masai on the beach of Zanzibar


There is also a kids club, with the most sweet babysitters who really loved the children. On the first day they came to our table in the restaurant and even took Louise away so we could eat quietly.

Really nice to have such kind people around your children. And it was nice to let the children play there once in a while while we could read a book on the beach, what a blessing, real holiday happiness!

Constance, the sweet babysitter

Corona measures in the hotel

In the hotel, the staff wore a mouth mask and all the staff were fully vaccinated. The hotel is also very clean and despite the pandemic we felt very free to go wherever we wanted. We did not wear a mouth mask in the hotel and that was okay too.

As far as Covid measures are concerned, Zanzibar itself is completely free (the whole of Tanzania), on the streets and in the shops you will not see people wearing mouth caps, nor is this compulsory.

The hotel only does it to reassure guests. To fly to Tanzania from Amsterdam, we only needed a negative PCR test.

Brother and sister moment

To whom would you recommend this hotel?

This hotel is highly recommended for families, as the kids club is also great for the parents to have some me time once in a while, but also for couples or people travelling to the Tanzania mainland.

Baby Louise

I can also recommend this hotel for sun-worshippers and beach-goers, the beach is beautiful and the beds are at sufficient distance that if you come without children you will not be bothered by other children and you can still stay in peace and privacy.

Making beautiful memories together

What did you remember most?

What we remember most is the friendly staff and the kids club. The children immediately felt at home and were playing with the sweet ladies of the kids club full of love and trust, which also gave us peace of mind to relax together.

Time to say goodbye

If you want to book and get the best price click here on the website of Neptune Pwani Beach Resort, they will be happy to help you.

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