Tuscan villa in a fairytale landscape

Tuscany is a unique piece of Italy and offers all the ingredients for a wonderful holiday. Visit romantic medieval towns, taste delicious red wines, olive oil and or pecorino cheese produced in this region. Stay in a beautiful agriturismo, dine in authentic trattorias, or rent your own villa. This is Tuscany at its best.

In June of this year we travelled with our 11 month old baby girl by car through Croatia and Italy. Our journey through Italy started with the ferry crossing from Dubrovnik to Bari. Arriving in Puglia, in the south of Italy, our two week car journey started through one of the most beautiful countries of Europe with as final destination the beautiful Tuscany.

Villa Ferranesi, Tuscany

View over Tuscany

Villa Ferranesi

Breakfast with a view (Il Postino apartement)

Holiday to Tuscany

Central Italy is known for its gently rolling hills of the Chianti wine region in Tuscany, and the green Umbria with many charming villages hidden in the hills. The less visited region of Le Marche is also around the corner with undiscovered beaches and a beautiful rural inland.

This region and in particular Tuscany has numerous historical cities to visit: Florence (the cradle of the Renaissance), Siena (the historical city known for its “Palio”), Pisa (of the leaning tower), Perugia (the small, enchanting capital of Umbria), Assisi (where the spirit of St. Francis lives on), and of course Rome (the Eternal City).

Tuscany Hills

Sheep herd in Tuscany

As we left the beautiful south behind us and gazed at the beautiful coastal route along Sirolo (Ancona), we drove on to the heart of Tuscany where we would stay in Villa Ferranesi in the next few days. We came across this villa thanks to a golden tip we got, to experience the real Tuscan fairytale here.

In the rolling landscape with high cypresses lie hidden unspoilt medieval hamlets. Between the lawns through you see winding gravel roads, and here and there you see herds of sheep. The landscape of Tuscany is epic, pure and unspoiled. In many places you can look miles away. It’s as if time has stood still here, and you literally think you’re back to the time of the Romans who fought here.

View Villa Ferranesi

View from “La Dolce Vita” apartment

Courtyard Villa Ferranesi

Back of the family house

Garden Villa Ferranesi

Villa Ferranesi, Asciano

Villa Ferranesi is located in Asciano, in the heart of Tuscany, about 30 km southeast of Siena. The original farmhouse was rebuilt as a modern holiday villa, taking into account the original Tuscan style. The result is beautiful and indistinguishable from real.

Inside, the Tuscan villa is equipped with every luxury and comfort. The interior is robust and minimalistic, which fits perfectly with the style of the house. In my opinion, the architect has made the perfect mix of simplicity and contemporary comfort without losing sight of the authenticity of the former Tuscan country houses.

Interior “La vita è bella”


View bathroom “La vita è bella”

Sofie in our apartement “Il Postino”

Dream villa in the hills of Tuscany

We have experienced personally that fairy tales exist here. It all starts as soon as you drive into the long driveway of villa Ferranesi. While winding, you drive between the cypresses over the gravel path that leads to the villa on the hill. Ferranesi lies in the beautiful “Crete Senesi” area. Google on images and you know what I mean. It is the area where you can spend a dream holiday all year round and where each season is equally special and beautiful.

I will never forget the moment I get out of the car. There we stood in the middle of Tuscany in the courtyard of a gigantic villa. The only sound you heard was of the crickets and swallows flying around. It was so serene…, the sound of silence made a deep impression on us. We had booked the apartment on the ground floor “Il postino” which was perfect for the three of us with our own kitchen, living room and pergola terrace with a fantastic panoramic view. See pictures below.

Driveway villa Ferranesi

View pergola terrace Ferranesi

Pool Ferranesi

Pool terrace Ferranesi


Italian hospitality at its best!

Villa Ferranesi is run by a Belgian couple Rita and Johny and are owners of Tuscan-Expierence.com. Johny and Rita have run a B&B for many years and know hospitality like no other. We met them personally and they are such  a sweet, committed and hospitable people who passionately run their company Tuscan-Experience.

Rita is the culinary chef of the couple and conjures up the most delicious Italian dishes on the table. The villa can be booked with or without full service and upon arrival the vitello tonnato with a glass of wine was already served for us, what a service! Johny on the other hand ensures that you can’t miss anything and commutes daily between the 3 exclusive properties they manage, to ensure that all your needs are satisfied.

Rita & Johny, Tuscan-Expierence

Book your next vacation to Tuscany here

On the second day of our stay we were invited at Johny’s and Rita’s place (read their personal story here) for an Italian lunch. Johny and Rita live in a converted hangar in the middle of the greenery and with a view from their pergola terrace on an old castle (see pictures below).

The castle “Castello Montelifré” is partially deserted but the last noble descendants of Montelifré still live there. The history of this family even goes back to the year 1100. During the First World War, the fortress above the small hamlet was destroyed and served as a design for the fortress of Montalcino.

Rita, Sofie and little dog Carlotta

Check “Mini”, the new puppy from the house

Castello Montelifré

Lunch at the Art-Hangar with Castello Montelifré in the background

Art-Hangar, modern loft in a Tuscan landscape

The hangar – which they also rent to guests – is located a few hundred meters from the public road and if you do not know the way you would drive past it.

As soon as you take the deserted country road to their house, you first drive through an orchard and then past grassy hills where their horses graze. At the end of the path you drive through a large gate of steel, and then you don’t know what you see…

There amidst the greenery is a converted modern hangar with next to it a super modern swimming pool overlooking the valley. View more photos of the Art-Hangar here and be surprised by the modern architecture.

Art-Hangar by Tuscan-Experience

Infinity pool, Art-Hangar

Livingroom Art-Hangar

Carlotta, the dog of the house

Dream wedding in Tuscany

Villa Ferranesi is a marvelous location for a holiday with family or friends. The villa is very suitable to rent in its entirety (from 18 to 22 people), but you can also book separate rooms as we have done. I’m not married yet, but I know one thing when I first arrived here…if my boyfriend will ask to marry him one day then I want to give our wedding here 🙂

Ferranesi has everything for the organization of family parties and also weddings up to 60 people. For those who want to keep their wedding very intimate with only good friends and family, the villa is also suitable for a small ceremony with up to 25 people.  Then the wedding guests can also sleep over in the villa.

Picture this, you won’t celebrate 1 day but 3 days your dream wedding with everything you wish for! For next year Rita and Johny already have 4 weddings scheduled. If you are looking for a beautiful dream location for a wedding in Italy, please feel free to contact them.

Dream wedding in Tuscany

Dinner in the salon of “La vita è bella”

Brunch “the day after”

Dream holiday to never forget

Vincent and I were deeply touched by the beauty of Tuscany and the hospitality of Johny and Rita. Nowhere else in southern Europe will you find such a unique piece of landscape as here in Asciano. It was our last stop of our trip in Italy and also our most beautiful one.

Villa Ferranesi welcomes everyone all year round. From peace seekers, to honeymooners, couples or young families like us. It was so nice to be here with our baby Sofie.

She enjoyed the outdoors very much and when she was in bed in the evening we enjoyed a delicious wine outside while the sun slowly set. We still keep warm memories of our stay here in Asciano, in the heart of Tuscany where fairy tales come out.

Cypresses driveway Villa Ferranesi

Having fun 🙂

Pure enjoyment

Sunset at Villa Ferranesi

Sweet memories




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