Brac: authentic island life, Croatia

The island of Brač (pronounced Bra-ch) is the third largest island of Croatia. Brač is best known for the most spectacular beach in Croatia, namely Zlatni Rat also called the “Golden Horn”. It has the shape of an escaping tongue and, depending on the wind, sometimes distorts to the right and sometimes to the left. What that looks like can be seen directly underneath in my blog

Brac is located off the coast of Split and is much more than just the famous beach where almost everyone goes. It is mainly an island to discover and where you feel like being a guest with the local islanders. Next to Zlatni Rat you will be enchanted by the impressive mountain Vidova Gora (778 m high), the many vineyards and olive trees, but also the crystal clear sea and picturesque villages where time has stood still.

The beginning of Zlatni Rat

Paradise beach Zlatni Rat

The main reason for many people to visit the island of Brač is the tranquillity you can find here and of course the paradisiacal beach Zlatni Rat. The southern slopes of the island hide one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia.

The north coast of the island has mainly pebble beaches that gradually descend to the sea and are therefore perfect for children. Tip, it is handy to bring water shoes with you for the little ones.

Zlatni Rat from above (picture Nick Scicluna)

The main attraction of the island is of course the beautiful beach of Zlatni Rat. The beach runs in a kind of triangular shape, with in the middle a piece of forest. On both sides of the forest you will find a strip of beach, very handy when you want to choose to ly in the sun or in the shade.

The right side of the beach (see first two pictures) is rocky and with a lot of wind while the left side is much busier by all the beach bars and is almost windless. Here you can also practice a whole range of water sports, such as diving, kayaking and windsurfing.

So you can enjoy both sides and experience a totally different experience. And if it’s too hot, there’s plenty of room under the trees to find a spot in the shade. Another plus point of this beach are the pebbles. They are considerably smaller than elsewhere on the island, feel soft and are therefore comfortable to walk and lie on.

Just 2 kilometers from the beach of Zlatni Rat, you can find the lovely port town of Bol. You can easily walk or cycle between the beach and the town, because there is a beautiful promenade with pine trees in between.

The beach of Zlatni Rat right next to the town Bol

Bol, the cozy port of Brac

Bol is traditionally a village that has grown enormously over time and has developed into one of the tourist hotspots in Croatia, with a wide variety of accommodations. I experiences a trip to Bol as a really nice surprise. Bol radiates coziness and it is much more touristy here than in the quiet north. I really liked it!

Bol has cozy narrow streets, a nice promenade and a small harbor. The area around Bol is home to beautiful vineyards and wineries where you can taste local wines. Grapes have been grown here for a long time. The islanders of Brač became self-sufficient during the last war, and they grow their own wines in large numbers.

The harbor and cozy streets of Bol

The authentic north of Brac

Touring on the island is one of the most fun things to do. We came with our own car from the Netherlands and otherwise it is definitely advisable to rent a car. The island is not too big (48km long), has a clear road map and there are plenty of nice stops.

On the island there are a number of small villages where it seems as if time has stood still. Skrip, north of Postira, is a good example of this. Here you can visit the olive oil museum.

The old town of Skrip

Postira, quiet place in the north

If you love peace and quietness, you don’t want to have too many tourists around you and still want to experience the cosiness, then I can strongly recommend Postira. Here the local people live together with a handful of tourists in the summer months. The town radiates peace and tranquillity.

In the evening, have a good meal on the promenade in the harbour as the sun slowly sets and the only sound you hear is the lapping water. My advice, at “Pizzeria Galija” they have very nice pizzas and the service is very friendly. You’ll find Galija on the corner opposite the Vrilo hotel in the harbour.

You can walk easily along the coast of Postira with the pram and you will find two surprisingly nice bays on both sides of the town. The first one,  right of Postira was our favourite for a nice lunch at restaurant “Bracera” under the pine trees.

Try here a typical local dish “pašticada” (stew meat with gnocchi), super tasty. Every afternoon the local children come here to swim in this bay and laugh and vultures it out of pleasure. So nice to see!

Postira, Brac

We stayed for a week in Postira in apartments Marija. The owner has also under the same name Villa Marija apartments in the nearby village Splitska. From Postira you can take a beautiful walk (baby in baby carrier) along the coast under the pine trees to this idyllic village.

It is a nice route if you walk along the sea to the left of Postira’s promenade until you can’t go any further and then you slowly go up into the woods by the footpath.

The idyllic village of Splitska and villa Marija

Must see, the picturesque village of Pučišća

Pučišća is another beautiful village located in a beautiful bay on the north side of Brač. Here you will find beautifully built stone houses with cobbled white roofs which gives this place its charm. Pučišća has always been known for its craftsmanship of stone masonry and that is visible on every corner of the street.

After visiting Pučišća, drive to the nearby beaches for a few hours of sunshine and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Also try some local delicacies, such as lamb specialties and sheep cheese, traditional dishes for which the island is known.

Pučišća, “the small beauty of Brac” (Croatia Times)

How to get to Brac?

Ferry from Split to Supetar

Brac is located just 12 kilometers off the coast of Split and is always been a popular island to visit. Ferries and catamarans have regular connections and will take you in only 50 minutes to the town of Supetar. Supetar is a pleasant town with a beautiful Mediterranean atmosphere.

The town offers picturesque views of the harbor and has a nice promenade with cafes and restaurants. If you are in transit by car to the mainland then you can take the ferry from Sumartin to Makarska.

Please note that you are well ahead of time, because this ferry is considerably smaller than the ferry to and from Split! As a result we were just too late and did not fit on the boat with our car anymore

Supetar port of arrival

Flying with TUIFly

Fly this summer to this new destination of TUI in less than 2 hours (from Rotterdam) directly from the Netherlands to the local airport of Brač. The airport is less than half an hour’s drive from the Zlatni Rat beach.

In the past, you could only come here by the route of Split, but with TUIFly you can fly now directly to this new destination. Would you like to know what the range of accommodations is? Take a look here and choose your favorite place on Brac. Booking can be done very easy online, but you can also get free advice at the TUI travel agency in your nearby town. 

My favorite beach, Zlatni Rat

Discover the new destination Brac

Despite its proximity to Split, Brac is less visited than for example the jet set island of Hvar, south of Brac. For that reason, you really feel the authentic island life here, especially in the inland and the still unspoilt north. And with the most sunshine in Croatia, Brač is an ideal destination for a wonderful sun holiday.

I visited Brac for one week with my boyfriend and baby girl of 11 months, and we enjoyed it a lot. Actually it was too short because we wanted to see so much more, but we surrendered ourselves to the peace and beauty of the island and time literally flew by!

View from our apartment Marija


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