Ubud, a unique place in the jungle of Bali

The surroundings of Ubud – the cultural heart of Bali – are characterized by a hilly jungle landscape with green rice fields and palm trees. It is a perfect place to stay if you want to unwind and to escape the hustle and bustle of the popular town of Ubud; famous for its many art shops, museums, and boutique shops.

Around Ubud, you will also find many temples, and in the small neighboring villages you can experience the Indonesian culture and become acquainted with the always friendly smiling Balinese people.

Rice fields around Ubud

Ubud town

Are you fond of shopping or art than Ubud is the place for you! Arts, batiks, clothing, jewelry and home accessories can be found here in the super cute boutiques and art galleries. Don’t miss out the local Ubud market. In the early hours, this is a traditional market where locals shop for delicious tropical fruits and spices. In the course of the day, you will also find many stalls where you can pick plenty of Balinese souvenirs and nice gifts.

If you walk from the city center through the main street all the way down you’ll get at “Monkey Forest”. This piece of jungle owes its name to some 600 (!) brutal Balinese macaques. With their kindest snouts the monkeys look innocent, but they are regularly out on food and even your possessions, so beware.

Monkey Forest, Ubud

Buddhist temples

Around Ubud, you’ll find some beautiful temples such as Gunung Kawi, situated in a beautiful green area between the rice fields. The pretty little temple is worth visiting. Goa Gajah Temple also called the ‘Elephant Cave’, is one of the most beautiful temples of Ubud.

This temple is known for its impressive gate that leads into a cave and for the special fountain with large statues. The Pura Tirta Empul is a holy water temple which is visited by religious Balinese. Here you can witness every day the their sacrificial rituals.

Buddhist temples around Ubud

The Indonesian Culture

In some small villages in the vicinity of Ubud, you can witness daily Balinese life and the importance of their religion. The Balinese have large families, and mostly they live in small houses. Close to every home you notice small offerings of incense, flowers, and fruit.

In the temples around Ubud, Hindu rituals and festivals are regularly taken place. For this occasion the Balinese prepare extensive offerings of fruit, pastries and sweets. The statues in the temples are beautiful ‘dressed’ and decorated, a wonderful happening to see!

Buddhist offerings at the temples

Resorts in Ubud, which one to choose?

There are lots of beautiful places to stay in and around Ubud. From cheap guesthouses, luxurious villas in unique locations to magnificent eco lodges. In Ubud you will find it all.

My favorites are Maya Ubud Resort & Spa and Komaneka Resorts. Komaneka has three different resorts, ranging from 4 to 5-stars. For the ultimate jungle experience, I can recommend Maya Ubud. Here you can immerse in a real rose bath during a massage therapy overlooking the Petanu River. Do you want to see more pictures of these resorts? Check out my top 1o favorite accommodations in Bali

Maya Ubud Resort & Spa


Rose bath Maya Ubud

Experience the ultimate jungle feeling in Ubud

The area around Ubud is my favorite spot in Bali. Here in the jungle you become one with nature and will feel completely relaxed. You see tropical birds flying, monkeys swinging through the treetops and after the rain, a mysterious fog appears and turns the jungle into a magical place that is beautiful to look at, every time again.

I spent a month in Bali of which almost two weeks in Ubud. I’m sure that I come back again, but then for a longer period, because Ubud has gained a special place in my heart.

Komaneka Tangayuda, Ubud

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