Düsseldorf, modern city on the waterfront

With Christmas around the corner, I start to get butterflies in my stomach. I get the urge to get in the mood and I long for the dark days where coziness is the most important thing. It’s almost become a tradition to visit a nice Christmas market with your sweetheart, a couple of friends or your family each year. Everyone around me is talking about it and stresses out over the choices. The German cities are well-known for their cute Christmas markets, but which one are you going to go for?

This year we chose Dusseldorf. Not even 1.5 hours away from my house and only 2 hours and 15 minutes from Amsterdam, you will find this amazing city on the waterfront. I had heard a lot about I and got a lot of positive reviews. It’s a great place to go shopping and the Christmas markets in Dusseldorf are especially vibrant, so I’ve been told. I had never been in Dusseldorf for a Christmas market and I was very curious to experience it.

20151127-Hyatt 126klein20

Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

You can choose to visit Dusseldorf in a day, but it’s even more fun if you stay for a whole weekend. Besides that, you don’t only visit it for the hot coco, but the Glühwein is definitely a must to get in the right Christmas vibe 😉 There are enough nice hotels, but if you want the ultimate view over this fantastic city, there is only one place to go, namely the Hyatt Regency.

Hyatt Hotel with great view over the river Rhine

This luxury hotel (read: 5 start hotel) is located next to the river Rhine in the vibrant district of MedienHafen. This district in Düsseldorf is really hot and trending. This district used to be in the old harbor, but now it’s become the modern district of Düsseldorf with all kinds of hip and modern buildings. This area is now also home to many chic restaurants in this city. In the summer it’s also a popular place and the trendy terraces are always nicely filled.

In between all these modern buildings arises the Hyatt Hotel. The hotel has an amazing view over the river Rhine with the old city in the foreground where they now put a Ferris wheel. The hotel fits perfectly among all the modern buildings and in my opinion it has got the best location of them all. You’re surrounded by water in almost every direction. You get the feeling you’re on an island, because everywhere you look there’s a beautiful view.

View from Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

Let Hyatt Regency Club spoil you

Almost all rooms in the hotel have a view of the harbor and/or of the city. If you’re a member of the loyalty program of the Hyatt chain, you, as a Gold Member, get access to the Hyatt Regency Club. The bar is at the 18 th floor of the Hyatt and gives a panoramic view of the whole city. As a Gold Card Member you can get your breakfast here for free and in the evenings free drinks and snacks are served. I think it’s a great place to come get your first cup of coffee in the early morning while you watch the sun rise slowly.

Hyatt Regency Club

Hyatt Regency Club

Modern architecture

I love to enjoy something optimally when I’m somewhere. There is so much to do in Düsseldorf that even a weekend is too short. This beautiful city really surprised me. It’s especially the architecture that impresses you. That’s why a walk along the river Rhine towards the old city makes for a truly great time. I think especially people that love architecture are going to be amazed by MedienHafen. Many of these buildings are designed by famous national and international designers

The Hyatt itself is already an architectonic beauty and a much loved hotel. When I visited half the hotel was booked by people from all over the world that came to see the world championship boxing. Apparently former world champion Vladimir Klitschko rented out a whole floor for him and his entourage, because he had to defend his title that weekend. There were a lot of fans in the hotel as well, that wanted to be close to their hero at all costs. It was a big happening and the whole weekend through the vibe in the hotel was great. Unfortunately for him, Klitschko had to give up his title after 11 years, to the new world champion Fury.


And while the sun slowly sets…20151127-Hyatt 097


Hyatt Regency prepares for the evening…

Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf by night

Eating Sushi at Restaurant DOX

A stay at this hotel is a real treat on its own. As a guest you can relax in the spa or go for a nice drink at the cozy lounge bar. Especially during weekends it’s amazing, because a lot of locals love to come here too. One thing that is much loved, for example, is restaurant DOX. Not just because of its menu, but mostly the atmosphere and the beautiful surroundings make this place, surrounded by water, so special. Tip, if you’re a fan of sushi (like me), stop looking around and take a seat at the sushi bar at restaurant DOX. I can know, because the sushi is truly delicious!

Sushi Bar at the DOX

Sushi Bar at the DOX

Big community of Japanese in Dusseldorf

Nice to know, did you know that Dusseldorf has the biggest community of Japanese? There’s even a true Japanese pavilion in this city. Really, Dusseldorf, after London and Paris, has the biggest Japanese community outside of Japan! You might wonder how that’s possible, but over 6.500 Japanese live and work in Düsseldorf. The Japanese always stay really close to their own culture and that’s why you’ll find complete Japanese districts with the best sushi restaurants, Japanese hotels, shops, hairdressers and their own supermarkets. Unfortunately I had to skip this part, because a weekend is too short in this amazing city, but it’s definitely to be recommended. Especially because you feel you’re in Japan for a while and you don’t have to fly 12 hours to get there this time 😉

Japanese Garden

Popular Christmas market in Dusseldorf

Düsseldorf is especially known for its cozy Christmas markets. If you want to visit one before Christmas then I can recommend you going here. There are special discounts for the trains to get there and you’ll arrive in no time. I would suggest going a weekend, because otherwise you’re going to be in too much of a hurry all day. And you’re here for the fun, not the stress 🙂 Düsseldorf has 6 different locations altogether that are all within walking distance of each other.

I suggest starting at the Ferris wheel, you can’t miss it. From there you turn right towards city hall (see picture). This is the Christmas market on the Marktplatz and one of the bigger ones. You’ll fine nice stalls everywhere and people getting together while enjoying a cup of Glühwein or a cup of hot coco. You’ll also find a historical roundabout and you’ll be able to see glassblowers, candle makers and other craftsmen do their work live. After that, walk down the Flinger Strasse all the way to one of the next Christmas markets.

Christmas market_City hall klein

Christmas market Dusseldorf

Don’t forget to take a ride on the Ferris wheel..


Ferris wheel Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf really surprised me in every way. I think it’s a great city and I was really baffled that you can be in such a different environment at such a short drive from the Netherlands. Whether you like shopping, want to see all the Christmas markets, love modern architecture or just want to spoil yourself with a weekend away. Dusseldorf is the place to be. I’ve enjoyed myself a lot and one thing’s for sure, I’ll be returning soon!


Skyline Dusseldorf


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