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Kasteel Heidelberg

A couple years ago, I lived in Munich for half a year during my international study. The time I spent in ‘Beieren’ was unforgettable. Since then I’ve become hooked on everything that has to do with the German culture. I’m a big fan of ‘Butterbretzel’ for example – you know, those salty sticks but in bread form – which I prefer with fresh butter, but a plate of Schweinehaxe with Knödeln can also not be forgotten during a visit to a real Bierstube. It’s mostly the charm and coziness of the German cities that appeal to me and that’s why I feel more than at home there.

During my last trip through Germany I ended up in Heidelberg. Heidelberg is a picturesque city, situated in the south-west of Germany and in the northern part of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Heidelberg is mostly a great destination to just stroll around in, enjoy the many terraces and to go out for dinner in the evening. Because Heidelberg is a true student city there’s enough to do in the evening.



Heidelberg is on the river Neckar. In the summertime it’s a great meeting place, where people come together by the water to picnic or to grill in the evening. I, myself, think autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons and it’s delightful to take a walk along the river. 

Historische brug Heidelberg

Historical Bridge Heidelberg

Because winter is coming, Heidelberg is also my favorite to visit during Christmas. The Christmas markets in Germany are always fun to visit, but in Heidelberg you truly get the feeling you ended up in a fairytale-like Christmas world. There’s a reason Heidelberg is a very popular destination for ‘day tourists’ travelling through Europe.

Heidelberg Stad

Heidelberg City

This is why it’s even better to stay at least 2 nights in Heidelberg. Then you get the chance to also explore the beautiful surroundings. Heidelberg is known for its romantic and picturesque countryside. On top of the hill arises the castle of Heidelberg which dates back to the 12th century. This huge castle arises 262 feet above the valley and dominates the town view of Heidelberg from there.

Uitzicht vanaf Heidelberg Suites

View from Heidelberg Suites

When you cross the old bridge over the Neckar, you enter the old city and you immediately get surrounded by nice bars and authentic restaurants. The long shopping street (read: the longest in Germany!) is what makes Heidelberg so famous. In the car free shopping zone you’ll find an oasis of luxury store chains alternated with boutiques and cozy bars. You’ll also find a great number of original Japanese restaurants, because Heidelberg is among all the tourists, very loved by the Japanese. What I noticed was that it’s always busy in a nice way from early in the morning until late in the evening, every day of the week.

Hotel Heidelberg Suites

Hotel Heidelberg Suites

Heidelberg is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend away. The offer of hotels is huge, but there are just a few that really pop out because of their luxury and modern interior design. But there is just one hotel that really stands out looking at coziness, location, design and luxury, things that you can expect from a romantic weekend in Heidelberg. That is Boutique Hotel Heidelberg Suites.

Boutique hotel Heidelberg Suites

Situated at the Neckar and a stone’s throw of the historical bridge, it’s the perfect place to explore the city and its surroundings. The hotel only has 26 rooms (read: suites) and is known for its personal hospitality. It’s as if you step into a stylish town house instead of a hotel. Every room looks different, but they all have a view of the castle.

Lounge Heidelberg Suites

Lounge Heidelberg Suites

Heidelberg Suites is a boutique hotel built from an originally authentic villa of the early 1900s. The suites are all carefully restored and stylishly designed by the internationally renowned Italian architect Michele Bönan. He knows like no other how to turn historical buildings into atmospheric hotels, completely in his own style. Every piece of furniture is separately designed in his atelier in Florence.

Interieur Heidelberg Suite

Interior Heidelberg Suites

In the luxury rooms the Italian architecture is combined with a modern design. In the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast in the ‘living room’ of the hotel. In this personal and intimate atmosphere you, as a guest, get the full attention of the pleasant staff. Filled with passion they will tell you all about their city and give you the best tips.

Kamers Heidelberg Suites

Rooms Heidelberg Suites

What’s unique about Heidelberg Suites is that you can dine at night on their own boat (except for the winter months) named ‘Restaurant Heidelberg Suites Patria’ with a view of the river. It’s really romantic and special, but also very fun to just experience some time.

Herfst in Heidelberg

Fall in Heidelberg

Boutique Hotel Heidelberg Suites is a part of the Small Luxury Hotels. To be a member of SLH you have to live up to a couple conditions. The hotel, for example, has a beautiful spa and all rooms are fitted with everything you need for a comfortable stay. Heidelberg Suites is also part of the Hütter Bönan hotels. Sister hotel Jagdgut Wachtelhof in Austria was recently prized with ‘Hotel of the year 2016’ by Gault Millau. If you happen to be in the area then this is a very special place to visit in the middle of the snow, or to just spend your skiing vacation.

Spa Heidelberg Suites

Spa Heidelberg Suites

Next time I will take you to a different city just across the border of the Netherlands. I am looking forward to that already. For now we will say goodbye to beautiful Heidelberg and its surroundings.

Heidelberg Dal

Heidelberg Dal


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