With a baby to Ibiza? I give you all the nice tips!

Do you want to fly with your baby for the first time in Europe, but not too far away? Ibiza is the perfect baby destination when travelling with your little one for the first time within Europe. With less than a 2.5 hours flight from Amsterdam you will arrive on this trendy and child-friendly island.

Ibiza is the perfect destination for young and old. Not only for party people, but also for families with children and young babies. The climate on Ibiza is mild with mild winters and warm summers. The wind can be strong now and then, but especially in the summer it gives a cool breeze.

We decided to travel to Ibiza in April of this year for 3 weeks. Then you know for sure that you will always enjoy the nice weather and beside that you have enough time to discover the island. Did you know that Ibiza has more than 70 different beaches? So enough to discover! We went to Ibiza for the first time with our baby and I will give you the best tips of the island.

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Croatia road trip itinerary with a baby

Our first holiday with Sofie was to Ibiza when she was 9 months old. It was a very nice time, only flying was not such a success with her. That’s why we decided to go by car this time for a road trip of 4 weeks. In advance, we didn’t know how far we would get with a baby, but it ended up being a journey never to be forgotten 🙂

I always wanted to travel to Croatia and then preferably down the whole coastline to Dubrovnik towards the south. Croatia is located in the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast bordering Italy, Slovenia and Hungary. On the coast of Croatia you will find more than 1,185 islands, most of them uninhabited. So enough to discover!

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I have been on maternity leave for quite some time now, because I am now a proud mother of Sofie. I was only a few weeks pregnant when we embarked on our second 3-month far journey. We hadn’t planned this surprise at all and it only made our trip more special.

I remain silent to all the beautiful memories of our last trip (Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Bali) and it was a trip never to be forgotten, because it really surpassed everything. I had agreed with my midwife that I would do the ultrasounds abroad and with a pregnancy certificate in my pocket we started our adventure.

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