Dream holiday Maldives with small children

Did you know that the Maldives are not only a honeymoon destination, but also suitable for families with small children? Which resorts in the Maldives are child friendly, how is the trip and what do you have to think about when travelling to the Maldives? Through Instagram I’ve been following @travel_jeff for a few years now and in this interview he gives all his tips on Stylish Travel Tips for a dream holiday with children to the Maldives.

“We’re Jeffrey (35), Vicky (31), Lexi (3) and Zayn (1) and love to travel. As a family we try to inspire other families to discover the world through our Instagram account. We love to discover beautiful places and getting to know other cultures the most fun of travelling. We can’t wait until our kids are old enough to take them to Africa’s wildlife parks”.

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Family road trip Canada with kids

For the category “Travel Kids” I interviewed Wendy de Wit about her last family road trip tour through Canada. Besides being an entrepreneur, day speaker and happiness inspirator, is Wendy above all mother of 2 young children, Maud (7) and Bing (5). They love to travel and want to show their children as much of the world as possible.

This time they discovered the west of Canada with a giant motorhome. How do you plan such a trip with small children in advance, what do you run into and what were the highlights of their fantastic trip? Read the entire interview with Wendy below, and marvel away at the beautiful views that Canada has to offer.

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Family holiday Dominican Republic with young kids

Years ago when I flew around the world as a flight attendant, the Dominican Republic was one of mine favourite destinations. It all started when we landed at Punta Cana airport. As a passenger you get off the plane and within 5 minutes you walk into the half-open airport, complete with a gabled roof with reed while a cool breeze is blowing through it. The Dominican people are very nice and super relaxed and you are immediately in the holiday mood. Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

I’ve always said I want to come back, only then with my family. My dear friend Linda preceded me by travelling to the Dominican Republic for two weeks this summer together with her husband and three young children. In the end it turned out to be a holiday to remember and when you read her travelogue and see the pictures, I can understand that she got homesick when she came home from this tropical and beautiful island in the Caribbean.

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Holidays with kids to Sardinia: all must sees!

Since our last roadtrip through Europe I have become a bit attached to Italy. Besides the emerging Puglia region, Italy has a large number of islands, of which Sicily and Sardinia are the largest. This time I didn’t go on a trip to beautiful Italy, but thanks to my friend Marjolijn, who has been spending over the years her holidays on the beautiful island of Sardinia with her family.

As a true specialist of the island, she shares here her tips on how to best spend your holidays with children and what are nice places to visit in Sardinia. From beautiful azure bay beaches to idyllic Italian villages, Sardinia has it all and is not for nothing called the Maldives of Europe by the Italians themselves. Curious what Sardinia has to offer for young families? Marjolijn likes to share all her tips here with you!

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