Dreams come true, my personal story

It’s been a while since I shared a personal blog, and now the end of the year is approaching it’s another great moment to look back. Not last year but the past two years were very special and a rollercoaster of highlights, and of course also lesser times.

Despite the beautiful trips we have made, the most beautiful event was the birth of our daughter Sofie last year summer. Now that she is a bit older and more independent, I’m lucky to have some more time for my blog and we’re secretly making great plans for 2019.

It all started 2 years ago when I was totally unexpectedly pregnant, to be precise in December 2016. We had just booked our tickets to the Maldives as the start of our 3 month journey through Asia. That shouldn’t spoil the fun, because with a declaration of pregnancy in our pocket we started our second big travel adventure.

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Behind-the-scenes of a travel blogger

I frequently get the question of friends and outsiders how I have created my dream job. My first tip, create an excellent website! Today it is not so hard to build a website, but it is useful to know where to start.

My website is created in WordPress, and I’m very satisfied with it. There are nowadays many ways to promote yourself online, but it first starts with an idea. Then you can claim a name, and you register it. Do not forget at the same time to establish all your social media accounts. Then the party can start ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you want to know how I approach that, read it all here …

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Here we go again! Packing my suitcase and off I go

Traveling is in my blood and I take every chance I get to leave. Not only privately but also by invitation for my travel blog. And here we go again, today I step on the plane on my way to the Costa Blanca. I’m already looking forward to eating delicious tapas on a sunny terrace or chill out at a trendy beach bar enjoying the last summer days in beautiful Spain.

In the meantime, stress strikes again, because what do I bring? When I travel in Europe, I often bring only my hand luggage. Paying extra for a large suitcase I only do in exceptional cases. However, Iโ€™ll be traveling for 12 days, thus thatโ€™s quite a challenge! In this blog, I’ll show you how I, as a travel blogger pack my super nifty new suitcase and how also you can travel stylish and practical at the same time.

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We don’t remember days we remember Moments

I have been back for a while now from my wonderful trip to Thailand and the Philippines with a computer full of pictures. I dare not to count them, but I think there are more than 2,000 pictures! Fantastic pictures of azure blue seas, white beaches, and tropical paradises.

And each photo has a special memory for me, but what do I do with all those pictures put away in a folder on my PC or hanging somewhere in the cloud? Nothing at all!

So I decided it was time to use my spare hours in the evening to make a picture selection and a photo book. And I should have done that much earlier because the result is stunning.

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